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Centres for Health Alberta Offers Papimi Therapy

What is Papimi Therapy?

Papimi therapy is an advanced pulsed magnetic therapy that produces an ultra fast, short duration, athermic (no heat) bipolar magnetic pulse. Papimi therapy acts as a battery charger to stimulate cellular energy.

How does this happen?

A membrane surrounds each cell in the body (like an eggshell surrounds the egg). Healthy cells have a membrane with an electrical energy (transmembrane potential) of -70 mvolts. The membrane acts as a gateway that controls the exchange of material into and out of the cell. Nutrients and minerals go into a cell, while waste products produced by a cell are eliminated.

In an aged, ill, or injured cell the membrane’s electrical energy is considerably lower,
-50 mvolts and lower. The ability of each cell to exchange materials is severely depressed when the transmembrane potential is low.

A cancer cell has a transmembrane potential as low as -15 mvolts, which is a cell in electrical difficulty. Cells with low electrical energy are in an inflammatory state and are the sources of pain signals. Papimi therapy is designed to restore the electrical energy of a cell.

By enhancing the cellular energy, Papimi:

  1. restores the cells metabolism (ability to exchange nutrients and waste)
  2. reduces inflammation and decreases pain signals
  3. enhances the immune and reparative function of the body.

How does Papimi therapy correlate with the other modalities offered at the Village Chiropractic Clinic?

  1. Chiropractic corrects spinal biomechanics keeping the neurospinal pathways open and healthy to ensure proper communication between the central nervous system and the rest of the body.
  2. Muscle therapy helps to keep the supporting structures of the body healthy and balanced.
  3. Papimi is often referred to as chiropractic at the cellular level. Papimi is a non-invasive natural way to deal with the inflammatory response to facilitate healing.

How does Papimi feel?

You will feel a pulsed sensation that has a calming warmness.

How long is a Papimi treatment?

Typically each session is 15-20 minutes depending on the areas treated. Best results are achieved when a chiropractic adjustment is performed along with a Papimi session.

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